Student Travel

ZORAN - HIT d.o.o

To all of those that are about to start study, or those finishing attending university, we highly recommend to go to Greece for your Student Travel.

ZORAN-HIT, company specialized in planning programs, organization and accommodation of tourists in Croatia and abroad, is also specialized for Student Travel to Greece, and also all other European countries!

In our program for Travel and accommodation for groups we offer a new dimension to visiting Greece, based on personal insight to Greek way of life and mentality of that nation. We have created pleasant staying for our young Student travelers, and our ten-year experience in cooperation with our business partners in organization of Student Travel to Greece has shown so far more than successful.

It would be our great pleasure that after You read advantages that our company has to offer contact us as our new business partner.

Our company's name says all - ZORAN-HIT (HIT- Happy International Traveling

Email: [email protected]
Téléphone: +385 99 2524 092