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Tourism Bishkek is the most popular tourist destination in Central Asia. Crime is low, the air and streets are clean, and most importantly, the chances of a violent revolution erupting while you visit are absolutely zero. Thousands arrive each year to see the unique mix of Soviet-Asian culture and architecture. Many are profoundly changed by the experience of living here and never go back home.
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Hiking in the Tien Shan
Building a traditional yurt
in a Kyrgyz village.
In our experience, however, many students prefer to save on the costs of organized activities and to have mostly free time – to study, to peruse independent interests, and to spend time with the friends they make from around the world while abroad.
To strike a balance between these needs and wants, we offer several core activities, attendance to which is required and the cost of which is included in most programs (see the individual program pages for details). We also offer several optional experiences which are available at additional cost.
Sights Walking in Bishkek can be fascinating if you know the wonderful places, monuments, iconic sites that are scattered across the capital. Decorated Ala-Too Square with the monument of freedom, a quiet park with old oak church, Old Town Square with Lenin monument, statue of the national hero Manas all these attractions make the city beautiful and attract the attention of its guests, and remain a part of the city on photos.

Bishkek, Kirghizistan

Lundi 22, Avril

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Bichkek (en kirghiz et en Бишкек) est la capitale et la principale ville du Kirghizistan. Fondé en 1878 comme forteresse russe, la ville porta longtemps le nom de Frounzé, en l'honneur du dirigeant soviétique Mikhaïl Frounzé. Sa population est estimée à  habitants en 2009.

En kirghiz, un bichkek est une baratte utilisée pour faire le lait de jument fermenté (kumis), la boisson nationale du Kirghizistan.
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